This Valentine, you have an appointment at the Mogan Mall

If December is listed as the most Christmas month, February is, undoubtedly the most romantic stage. For those who are in love and want to share a unique and unrepeatable evening with their better half, we invite you to spend this February 14 at the Mogan Mall. If on the contrary you are one of those people who enjoys his singleness and drives Cupid and his arrows away, you are also welcome. Still have no plan?

Popularly, February 14 is a date on which love and friendship are celebrated. We want to celebrate it with you and with those people who are essential for you. Remember that love is universal and does not understand boundaries. But, do you really know the origin of Valentine?

Valentine’s fight for love among young people

This holiday has its origin in the ancient Roman Empire in the third century. A priest named Valentin decided to oppose the will of Emperor Claudius II, who intended to prohibit the celebration of marriages among young single people without family. The governor believed that these young people were more useful for the empire by being soldiers than by creating sentimental ties and forming new families.

The priest, contrary to the emperor’s thought, began to secretly officiate marriages between these lovers. From then on, St. Valentine is considered the patron of lovers.

Live an exclusive y different evening

Do you want to give a special gift to that person who always occupies your thoughts?

Visit us! In our shopping centre you can find a wide selection of products and get what will make your lover feel unique, surprise your better half.

In addition, you can walk through our fully illuminated gallery, can you think of a more romantic plan to contemplate the set of lights from our spectacular fountain? To put the finishing touch to a movie day, taste our gastronomic offer and travel through your palate to different parts of the world.

Fall in love at the Mogan Mall 



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