Put on your best disguise and live the carnival at the Mogan Mall

Like every year by this time, the streets fill with colour and the glitter becomes the protagonist of all makeups. The most original costumes, wigs that blend perfectly with the outfit of every carnival and eager to have fun. The carnival takes hold of the Canary Islands for several days, leaving, for a moment, the problems aside. As the well-known Celia Cruz said: There is no need to cry, the sorrow is sung away!

But carnival is not only lived in the streets, the Mogan Mall is dressed in a thousand colours to celebrate these very characteristic dates. If you still do not have attire, it is time to get to it, otherwise you will surely be able to recycle whatever you have worn on other occasions. Put on your best disguise and enter the carnival!

A party with a lot of history

The word carnival comes from the Latin carnelevare, which is translated as “abandoning meat”. This fact refers to the feast they used to prepare traditionally on the last day before the Lenten period began (the forty days in which it is not allowed to eat meat as dictated by the Christian religion). According to some historians, this tradition was suggested by the Catholic Church in the early Middle Ages.

In our country, we can find this celebration documented since the Middle Ages, which will evolve and acquire a distinctive personality from the Renaissance. Spanish literature and other arts have historically collected this holiday that makes our body cannot resist and keep up with the music.

Squeeze this carnival to the fullest at the Mogan Mall

Do not think about it! Enjoy these carnival parties in an excellent environment at a lovely temperature. Take the opportunity to disguise yourself as you always wanted and experience a unique and completely different carnival in Mogan.

This is your chance! Do not let them tell you, live it.




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