Mogán, the Canarian paradise where to spend the Winter holidays

Winter is coming, or at least in the rest of the Spanish peninsular territory. The arrival of coats and kilometric scarves warns us that winter is very close. In fact, there are still some people that continue to mourn the time change and how it seems that the days fade away. Many yearn for summer evenings where there was no better plan than to go outside and squeeze out the last rays of the sun.

However, it is an open secret that the Canary Islands is a paradise where you can enjoy good temperatures throughout the year. Specifically, Mogán is one of the European municipalities with more hours of sunshine per year. Eternal summer is possible and is closer than you think.

Puerto de Mogán has a seafaring soul

Popularly known as Little Venice, Puerto de Mogán is one of the most instagrammable places on the island of Gran Canaria. This fishing village has a special magic and a unique charm, enjoying Canarian cuisine at a dreamy temperature is a real luxury.

Amadores and Puerto Rico, the perfect options to reset the body

Amadores and Puerto Rico are undoubtedly the family beaches par excellence. The tranquillity and the lack of strong ocean currents make them the perfect plan to enjoy with the family. The little ones can play on the shore while the adults cool themselves down in the shade of a palm tree.

Can you think of a better plan to disconnect from the routine? If your body cries out for a break, saltwater baths are miraculous.

The most cosmopolitan side of Puerto Rico

The visit to the south of Gran Canaria does not end in its kilometric and enviable beaches, the reality is that in recent years this southern area has grown considerably. Indeed, Puerto Rico is a clear example of modernization and growth.

The wide commercial and gastronomic offer delivered by shopping centres such as the Mogan Mall betray the quality of the islands’ trade. Spending an afternoon shopping with an average temperature of 25 degrees is possible.

Do you still have reasons not to come to meet Gran Canaria?

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