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After having finished with the stock of Christmas sweets and meeting up again with those relatives and friends that we had not seen for a long time, it seems that everything points to Christmas coming to an end. We say goodbye to these dates until next year and we inevitably look back and realise that 2019 has gone just as quickly as the previous years.

But do not be afraid, one of the favourite times of shopping lovers is just around the corner and you cannot miss it. Can you imagine which it can be? Yes, you are right, that time when you become a bargain explorer and notice everything you have saved. Of course, sales!

Ready to receive January in style?

Note, next January 7th you have an appointment at the Mogan Mall. Do not think about it, come and enjoy our sales and get the best discounts in our establishments.

Can you think of a better way to inaugurate 2020 than renewing your closet? Get the best prices on young fashion, shoe shop, cosmetics, jewelry, perfumery, sports equipment and enjoy prices never seen before in the best brands. Still do not know the Mogan Mall? Do not forget to visit us because this year sales bring great discounts and unique offers. Do not miss out!

Also, remember that you can enjoy the wide range of leisure and catering that we offer you to live an unrivalled experience. We invite you and your family members and anyone who wants to join this great discount party. Take the opportunity to give some gift to that special person for you or even give yourself away that whim you have been putting off for months.

Do not forget, on January 7th you have an appointment at the Mogan Mall, we are waiting for you.

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