Sala de exposiciones FEDAC

Exhibition room – FEDAC

Last Friday, October 1st, we inaugurated the Exhibition and Crafts Room in Mogan Mall in collaboration with the Federation of Artisans of the Canary Islands and the Cabildo (Town Hall) of Gran Canaria.

The room can be visited every day, on the ground floor of the centre, from 10:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.

We have an exhibition of Ethnographic Charts of the Canary Islands and different stands for the sale of artisan products.


The Ethnographic Chart or Inventory of Immovable Property of Ethnographic Interest of the Island of Gran Canaria, got started in 1994 within the framework of an extensive project, prepared by the General Directorate of Historical Heritage of the Government of the Canary Islands, which included the inventory of the Historical-Artistic, Archaeological and Ethnographic heritage of the entire Archipelago.

Among other utilities, the collected immovable elements serve as the basis for developing the Municipal Catalogues of Protected Architectonic Assets, a basic document for the processing of the General Urban Planning Project of each municipality. In addition, the Ethnographic Chart allows the elaboration of concrete management actions aimed at the protection and intervention in the ethnographic heritage, the basis of the heritage dissemination policies in the tourism field.

The photos have been prepared by the geographer Orlando Torres Sánchez, who has pursued to capture the singularity of the heritage asset in the context of the landscape, so that this exhibition, in addition to the informative value, incorporates the aesthetic, resulting in images that impact on their visual quality.


Sala de exposiciones FEDAC

In addition to the exhibition of the ethnographic charts, in the room you will be able to find an extensive variety of products in which artisan elaboration is the main ingredient. You can find scented candles from different locations on the island, jewelry and glass figures made by hand with direct fire at 1700 degrees, soaps or fashion items and accessories. All of them have a differential value thanks to the different techniques they use, such as batik or macramé, creating synergies between Canarian art and crafts.

All this and much more in our Craft Fair, DO NOT MISS IT!

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