Find out what the sales of the Mogan Mall have in store for you

At Mogan Mall we want to continue sharing unique moments with you, your family, and your friends; seeing you enjoy our facilities is our greatest gift. Therefore, the safety and health of both our customers and employees is of vital importance to us at this time.

For this reason, we have established all the preventive measures of COVID-19, such as the continuous disinfection of the usual contact points and the provision of hydroalcoholic gel within the reach of those who visit us, and thus guarantee the safety in the space. One of our main goals is that you feel at home and that you enjoy the unique experience that the Mogan Mall offers you.

Do not miss the best discounts of this season

Come to the Mogan Mall sales and enjoy them with total tranquillity. Have you still not taken a tour through the stores in our shopping centre? Do not miss the best discounts. After this time at home, it is the best moment to renew your wardrobe. In Mogan Mall you can find everything you are looking for at an incredible price. Do not think twice, we will be delighted to welcome you!

Get incredible discounts on young fashion, sports equipment, shoe shops, cosmetics, fragrance shops, men’s fashion, costume jewellery and get the best prices for the little ones in the house. You can seize the opportunity to buy those clothes that stole your heart in winter or renew your summer wardrobe for the following months.

Do not miss these exclusive sales, enjoy a day of shopping at a great temperature and save on your purchases. Can you think of a better plan?

Do not forget that, after an intense afternoon of shopping, you can always regain strength in our restaurant area with full peace of mind. Thanks to the wide offer that our shopping centre has, you can find everything from establishments that opt for gastronomic tradition to those that blend culinary trends.

The sales of the Mogan Mall are waiting for you!

Celebrate Father’s Day at the Mogan Mall

Like every year, the month of March brings with it one of the most important celebrations for families, Father’s Day.

From the first foot and hand prints to the last drawing, our fathers have been collecting and storing our first gifts as authentic treasures during all these years. Always ready to help us and, without any instruction manual, they have guided us through the different stages of life. What if we thank them for everything?

Over the years, the routine, the day to day and the lack of time prevents us, on numerous occasions, from enjoying some time with that father figure who, for many, has always been our particular superhero. We offer you a plan so that you can thank him for the thousand and one nights awake and the innumerable advice he has given you during all this time.

A day full of emotions

Next March 19 we are waiting for you at the Mogan Mall. Share unique moments with your family in our facilities, take a leisurely stroll through the gallery of shops and get that gift that you know your father will love. Remember that, thanks to our wide commercial offer, you will be able to surprise him with that present that was not expected.

Enjoy it up in family

Have you still not visited our spectacular fountain? This is the moment! Get to know this unique installation in the Canary Islands that everyone talks about. Thanks to a central computer and an electronic system, the different elements involved in the light show are monitored. A perfect combination of water, colour and music.

Once you have toured all our facilities, we cannot think of a better way to end this day than by tasting our great gastronomic offer. Celebrate it with us and let us participate of such a special day. This year experience a completely different Father’s Day and share your time with your particular superhero.





Put on your best disguise and live the carnival at the Mogan Mall

Like every year by this time, the streets fill with colour and the glitter becomes the protagonist of all makeups. The most original costumes, wigs that blend perfectly with the outfit of every carnival and eager to have fun. The carnival takes hold of the Canary Islands for several days, leaving, for a moment, the problems aside. As the well-known Celia Cruz said: There is no need to cry, the sorrow is sung away!

But carnival is not only lived in the streets, the Mogan Mall is dressed in a thousand colours to celebrate these very characteristic dates. If you still do not have attire, it is time to get to it, otherwise you will surely be able to recycle whatever you have worn on other occasions. Put on your best disguise and enter the carnival!

A party with a lot of history

The word carnival comes from the Latin carnelevare, which is translated as “abandoning meat”. This fact refers to the feast they used to prepare traditionally on the last day before the Lenten period began (the forty days in which it is not allowed to eat meat as dictated by the Christian religion). According to some historians, this tradition was suggested by the Catholic Church in the early Middle Ages.

In our country, we can find this celebration documented since the Middle Ages, which will evolve and acquire a distinctive personality from the Renaissance. Spanish literature and other arts have historically collected this holiday that makes our body cannot resist and keep up with the music.

Squeeze this carnival to the fullest at the Mogan Mall

Do not think about it! Enjoy these carnival parties in an excellent environment at a lovely temperature. Take the opportunity to disguise yourself as you always wanted and experience a unique and completely different carnival in Mogan.

This is your chance! Do not let them tell you, live it.




This Valentine, you have an appointment at the Mogan Mall

If December is listed as the most Christmas month, February is, undoubtedly the most romantic stage. For those who are in love and want to share a unique and unrepeatable evening with their better half, we invite you to spend this February 14 at the Mogan Mall. If on the contrary you are one of those people who enjoys his singleness and drives Cupid and his arrows away, you are also welcome. Still have no plan?

Popularly, February 14 is a date on which love and friendship are celebrated. We want to celebrate it with you and with those people who are essential for you. Remember that love is universal and does not understand boundaries. But, do you really know the origin of Valentine?

Valentine’s fight for love among young people

This holiday has its origin in the ancient Roman Empire in the third century. A priest named Valentin decided to oppose the will of Emperor Claudius II, who intended to prohibit the celebration of marriages among young single people without family. The governor believed that these young people were more useful for the empire by being soldiers than by creating sentimental ties and forming new families.

The priest, contrary to the emperor’s thought, began to secretly officiate marriages between these lovers. From then on, St. Valentine is considered the patron of lovers.

Live an exclusive y different evening

Do you want to give a special gift to that person who always occupies your thoughts?

Visit us! In our shopping centre you can find a wide selection of products and get what will make your lover feel unique, surprise your better half.

In addition, you can walk through our fully illuminated gallery, can you think of a more romantic plan to contemplate the set of lights from our spectacular fountain? To put the finishing touch to a movie day, taste our gastronomic offer and travel through your palate to different parts of the world.

Fall in love at the Mogan Mall 



ÍCARO7 Outdoor Art

Haven’t you walked around our mall yet? There is no time to lose! To be able to walk through the different avenues, get the best prices and enjoy a dream temperature, it is possible.

If, instead, shopping is not your thing, but you are passionate about art and, especially, sculpture, you have an appointment at the Mogan Mall. The artwork of the famous Canarian sculptor Manolo González is waiting for you.

A sculpture full of meaning

ÍCARO7 is the solidarity flight. A large wing composed of seven figures linked to each other and joined for the same cause; the effort to fly together towards the light. A light based on freedom, the light of everybody.

If you are a curious person, we reveal you that this sculpture was created from a lacquered stainless-steel mesh.

Manolo González, the master sculptor

Of Grancanarian heart, this island artist begins in the world of art guided by his artist godparents, photographer Fachico Rojas and his wife, Luisa Hernández. He began his studies at the Central University of Barcelona in order to get to know the world of Fine Arts up close, but he will end up dropping out of school to dedicate himself to be self-taught in plastic. In this process, he always kept in mind all the great masters of sculpture from the most classic to the most contemporary.

When we say that he is one of the most reputable sculptors of the Canary Islands, not only do we say it, but all the successes he has achieved in his profession. In addition, Manolo González is a member of the Royal Canary Academy of Fine Arts, Can de Plata to the Arts of the Cabildo of Gran Canaria and Silver Medal of the Biennial of Contemporary Art of Florence. Therefore, we cannot be prouder to have a work of art that has been created by this artistic eminence.

On the other hand, it has more than 20 public works, 20 private exhibitions and 22 collective exhibitions in places such as Italy, Mexico, Santo Domingo, Miami, Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Spain.

Do you need more reasons to visit ÍCARO7? We are waiting for you.

Get the best deals on our sales

After having finished with the stock of Christmas sweets and meeting up again with those relatives and friends that we had not seen for a long time, it seems that everything points to Christmas coming to an end. We say goodbye to these dates until next year and we inevitably look back and realise that 2019 has gone just as quickly as the previous years.

But do not be afraid, one of the favourite times of shopping lovers is just around the corner and you cannot miss it. Can you imagine which it can be? Yes, you are right, that time when you become a bargain explorer and notice everything you have saved. Of course, sales!

Ready to receive January in style?

Note, next January 7th you have an appointment at the Mogan Mall. Do not think about it, come and enjoy our sales and get the best discounts in our establishments.

Can you think of a better way to inaugurate 2020 than renewing your closet? Get the best prices on young fashion, shoe shop, cosmetics, jewelry, perfumery, sports equipment and enjoy prices never seen before in the best brands. Still do not know the Mogan Mall? Do not forget to visit us because this year sales bring great discounts and unique offers. Do not miss out!

Also, remember that you can enjoy the wide range of leisure and catering that we offer you to live an unrivalled experience. We invite you and your family members and anyone who wants to join this great discount party. Take the opportunity to give some gift to that special person for you or even give yourself away that whim you have been putting off for months.

Do not forget, on January 7th you have an appointment at the Mogan Mall, we are waiting for you.

Mogán, the Canarian paradise where to spend the Winter holidays

Winter is coming, or at least in the rest of the Spanish peninsular territory. The arrival of coats and kilometric scarves warns us that winter is very close. In fact, there are still some people that continue to mourn the time change and how it seems that the days fade away. Many yearn for summer evenings where there was no better plan than to go outside and squeeze out the last rays of the sun.

However, it is an open secret that the Canary Islands is a paradise where you can enjoy good temperatures throughout the year. Specifically, Mogán is one of the European municipalities with more hours of sunshine per year. Eternal summer is possible and is closer than you think.

Puerto de Mogán has a seafaring soul

Popularly known as Little Venice, Puerto de Mogán is one of the most instagrammable places on the island of Gran Canaria. This fishing village has a special magic and a unique charm, enjoying Canarian cuisine at a dreamy temperature is a real luxury.

Amadores and Puerto Rico, the perfect options to reset the body

Amadores and Puerto Rico are undoubtedly the family beaches par excellence. The tranquillity and the lack of strong ocean currents make them the perfect plan to enjoy with the family. The little ones can play on the shore while the adults cool themselves down in the shade of a palm tree.

Can you think of a better plan to disconnect from the routine? If your body cries out for a break, saltwater baths are miraculous.

The most cosmopolitan side of Puerto Rico

The visit to the south of Gran Canaria does not end in its kilometric and enviable beaches, the reality is that in recent years this southern area has grown considerably. Indeed, Puerto Rico is a clear example of modernization and growth.

The wide commercial and gastronomic offer delivered by shopping centres such as the Mogan Mall betray the quality of the islands’ trade. Spending an afternoon shopping with an average temperature of 25 degrees is possible.

Do you still have reasons not to come to meet Gran Canaria?